External evaluation of the Platform on Animal Welfare for Europe


2nd External Evaluation of the Platform on Animal Welfare for Europe

We are pleased to share the results of the external evaluation of WOAH Platform.

The evaluation was conducted by an external expert between June and September 2023 and examined the Platform’s relevance, cohesiveness, effectiveness, efficiency, and contribution towards impact with activities of the 2nd and 3rd Action Plan.

The evaluation concluded that the Platform is highly relevant to Members and stakeholders.

A key strength of the Platform is its consultative approach. Members’ needs were continually assessed, and the emerging challenges were addressed as far as possible during the implementation of activities. This approach has been key in sustaining the relevance of the Platform and likely contributed to the results achieved.

Overall, the governance of the Platform has functioned efficiently, with effective coordination of stakeholders and activities.

An important achievement of the Platform was the creation of a theory of change, a results framework and a monitoring and evaluation system. Still, the system has some limitations. However, the findings from the analysis of the theory of change in this evaluation should not detract from the achievements of the third Action Plan. Rather, this analysis highlights tangible and strategic actions that could be implemented to strengthen the effectiveness of the Platform. Having a complete theory of change would provide a vital foundation for the Platform moving forward.

Data from quantitative and qualitative sources illustrate that progress has been made towards achieving the Platform’s objectives that go beyond the targets in the current results framework. A key task is to update the monitoring and evaluation system in light of the lessons from the third Action Plan so that it provides evidence of the actual changes in compliance with WOAH animal welfare standards and potentially in animal welfare.

One of the most important challenges faced by the Platform has been the inability to provide substantive evidence of progress towards compliance with WOAH animal welfare standards across all of its priority topics. This stemmed from challenges in developing appropriate indicators and tools to measure compliance. However, developing the self-assessment monitoring (SAM) tool in the dog population management area has provided an important practical solution. Developing SAM tools and other appropriate tools for the other four topics should be a high priority.

A key strength of the Platform has been its long-term strategy of building on the foundations, achievements and lessons of successive Action Plans.

The external evaluation recommendations cover six main areas: consolidate (maintain the five priority topics and number of activities), strengthen the Platform’s theory of change, strengthen monitoring, evaluation and learning, conduct impact studies, review and document Members’ needs, and secure additional resources.

The proposed next 4th Action Plan of the Platform is built addressing findings and recommendations of this evaluation.

Please find more information in the evaluation report.

Report of the evaluation of the WOAH Regional Platform on Animal Welfare for Europe

Report of the Evaluation of WOAH Platform on Animal Welfare for Europe 2023
Report of the Evaluation of WOAH Platform on Animal Welfare for Europe 2023

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