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A WOAH reference centre can be designated as:

  • WOAH Reference Laboratory” when its main mandate is to establish itself as a global reference centre of expertise for a specific pathogen or disease
  • Collaborating Centre of the WOAH” when its main mandate is to establish itself as a centre of global reference for research, standardisation of techniques and dissemination of knowledge for a certain specialty

The network of Collaborating Centres and Reference Laboratories constitutes the core of the scientific expertise and excellence of WOAH. The continual contribution of these institutions to the work of WOAH guarantees the scientific relevance of the standards, guidelines and recommendations developed by the Specialist Commissions and published by the organisation.


Reference Laboratories:



Colaborating Centres:



Present laboratory Twinning Programme:


  • Definition: WOAH Laboratory Twinning Programme has been in place since 2006 and directly supports WOAH’s strategy to improve global capacity for disease prevention, detection, and control through capacity building and networking. The Laboratory Twinning Programme enables WOAH to use its network of Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres (referred as Parent institutes) to assist “Candidate” institutes wishing to improve their capacity and scientific expertise. The aim is to strengthen the capabilities of national and regional laboratories, and for some of the Candidate Institutes to become WOAH Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres for the benefit of their country and region. 
  • Link to the (Laboratory Twinning – WOAH – World Organisation for Animal Health) global website.


Current Network System:


  • Definition: Two or more Reference Centres can form a network of WOAH Reference Centres. The network of WOAH Reference Laboratories shall assure consistent results across laboratories through the adherence to WOAH Standards, the sharing of reference materials within the network and the participation in appropriate proficiency testing. The network of WOAH Collaborating Centres shall provide advice, scientific expertise and support to WOAH and its Members and promote international collaboration on horizontal issues in the domain of animal health. 
  • Link to the Network webpage on the global website: 

        CC: Collaborating Centres – WOAH – World Organisation for Animal Health 

        RL: Reference Laboratories – WOAH – World Organisation for Animal Health 


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