MPTF Project "One Health"

AMR awareness mission in Tajikistan


“One Health” Capacity Building on Support priority Actions on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

The FAO/WOAH/WHO Tripartite project in the framework of the Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) project “One Health” Capacity Building on Support priority Actions on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance in Tajikistan continues its work in Tajikistan with a focus on agriculture.



The AMR Awareness mission by the international consultant Dr. Gulzhan Nurtazina was held in Dushanbe from 23 to 27 May 2022 the following week after the AMR coordination meeting on the AMR National Multisectoral Action Plan (NAP). The aim of this work is to support the relevant authorities of Tajikistan in the animal health sector in order to raise awareness of AMR risks among interested stakeholders as well as to promote the responsible and prudent use of antimicrobials in livestock.

A series of meetings with various stakeholders were held during this mission, including veterinary and livestock faculties of Tajik Agrarian University, state services for registration of antimicrobials and licensing, attestation and inspection of pharmacies in public health and animal health sectors, and associations of farmers, veterinarians and family health practitioners, including on-site visits of farms.

The WOAH/FAO materials related to AMR awareness translated into Tajik were presented and shared with interested stakeholders. There are posters by animals and leaflets designated for various stakeholders, such as veterinary services, farmers, veterinarians, politicians, veterinary students and pharmacies, and combined feed manufacturers.

There were established contacts with stakeholder groups, identified the distribution channels of AMR related materials in the country with the purpose of their further distribution among interested stakeholders as well as the population and involvement into the activities combating antimicrobial resistance in Tajikistan

The key messages addressed to the main stakeholders during these meetings were:

  • Support and assistance in all activities from respective authorities of Tajikistan (establishment of focal points, communication channels, awareness campaigns);
  • Engagement of stakeholders from relevant sectors (associations, farmers, pharmacies, institutions, etc.);
  • Assistance in the distribution of AMR awareness-raising materials among stakeholders;
  • Support in organizing events, meetings, assessments, and workshops;
  • Promotion of application of ON-FRAM biosecurity plans in the livestock sector and food business operators;
  • Collaboration in other activities under the ToR.

There are certain activities planned by the end of this year under this MPTF project in Tajikistan with the main focus on the livestock sector that includes a set of training on AMR risks and biosecurity measures based on farms.

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