16th meeting of the Standing Group of Experts on African Swine Fever in Europe


Due to the sanitary situation of the COVID-19, the sixteenth meeting of the standing group of experts on African Swine Fever (SGE ASF16), initially planned in Hungary, took place as a teleconference on the 23rd November 2020.

Twenty-eight countries of Europe participated, as well as the representatives of GF TAD from Asia Americas, with a total of over 70 meeting participants.


The participating member countries of the SGE-ASF for Europe briefly presented their national epidemiological situation regarding ASF, focusing on the changes since the last online meeting in May 2020 and when relevant the impact the COVID 19 situation had on their ASF surveillance.  The Secretariat took the opportunity to present to the participants an overview of the ASF around the world. The OIE, the European Commission and FAO respectively completed the picture with the Americas, European, the Asian and the Balkans situations of ASF.  Serbia and Germany gave an overview of the insight of the disease management, EFSA highlighted the activities currently being carried out under their mandate.

A mission of the SGE experts will be organized in Germany and Slovakia as soon as the sanitary situation enables it.

The SGE ASF16 developed a set of recommendations. Amongst these, it was highlighted that preparedness, passive surveillance, early detection, and prompt reaction are essential when ASF is detected for the first time in wild boar or in the domestic pig population. In the case of the first detection of ASF in a wild boar population, a ‘core zone’ should be delineated, and immediate actions should be taken to avoid further spread. The involvement of many actors and stakeholders (like the Belgian did as part of their success story) is necessary for obtaining a successful and overall clearer picture of the situation.

The SGE ASF 17 hopefully will take place in Hungary in April 2021, if the regional sanitary situation enables it.