Details on poster session of 30th Regional Conference in Catania, Italy, 3-7 October 2022


We will organise a poster session on Tuesday, October 4th at 12:30 pm to allow participants to present any initiative, activity, action, policy, or success story you developed or implemented in your respective countries.

The themes or topics proposed for the posters based on the Conference programme are:

  • Aquatic animals health
  • African swine fever virus (ASF)
  • Animal Welfare
  • High pathogenicity avian influenza viruses (HPAI)
  • One Health
  • Digitalisation of Veterinary Services
  • Veterinary Paraprofessionals and Workforce

If you would like to bring a poster to be presented, we invite you to register through the following link before 12 September 2022. Please kindly note that only registered posters will be displayed, and authors will be requested to be available for discussions on their work with Conference participants during the poster session. You may find the format recommendations at the bottom of this page.

Poster registration form

Format recomendations

Poster Session - Format Recommendations
Poster Session - Format Recommendations

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