WVD 2022

World Veterinary Day 2022


World Veterinary Day 2022 focuses on Veterinary Resilience

Dear veterinarians, dear colleagues,

We are glad to congratulate you all on the World Veterinary Day! This year it is on April 30th and it’s theme is “Strengthening Veterinary Resilience.”  In this regard, we would like to wish you to be healthy and happy, support each other, keep the peace, safety, work-life balance, and openly communicate with your colleagues and other professionals, namely those involved in protection of health.

We all know that veterinarians are strong spirited, caring, devoted and selfless professionals working 24/7/365 for protection of animal health and welfare, public health, preservation of environment for us and for future generations, and supporting safe trade of commodities, food security and safety. It is hard to overestimate the importance of veterinarians in the global wellbeing of humanity, particularly now when we faced several planetary health crises and conflicts beyond our influence or control.

The World Veterinary Day is an excellent opportunity for us and for a larger audience around the world to highlight the significance of our profession and to discover and attract attention to the challenges we face regularly, and support strengthening and capacity building, which will be returned to our societies with huge dividends.

Since 1924 OIE has been at the forefront of reinforcement of Veterinary Services, controlling and preventing animal diseases, focusing on setting of international standards, monitoring and distributing of epizootiological and epidemiological data, scientific knowledge in 182 Member Countries and beyond.

OIE continues to adapt its work to the evolving challenges of veterinary public health, to provide more effective support to Member Countries and veterinarians through this challenging time.

Congratulations on the World Veterinary Day! We wish you good health, success, and new achievements!

The OIE Europe team