Strengthening Veterinary Services in Kyrgyzstan: PVS Strategic Planning Workshop


World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) recently held a significant milestone for Kyrgyzstan – the Strategic Planning Workshop. The goal of the workshop was to provide crucial support in the development of a strategic plan for the national Veterinary Services for the period 2024-2028. Drawing from the valuable insights of the PVS Gap Analysis report from 2018, this workshop aimed to reinforce the country’s veterinary sector and enhance its capacity to safeguard animal health, public health, and the national economy. The event gathered representatives from the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Emergency, Ministry of Finance, and Custom Services, fostering a collaborative approach to achieve lasting results.

The PVS Gap Analysis report from 2018 identified key areas of improvement within Kyrgyzstan’s Veterinary Services. Recognizing the importance of addressing these gaps, the workshop was initiated to establish a strategic plan that aligns with global best practices, ensuring the country’s compliance with international standards. The PVS Gap Analysis report served as a foundation for the planning process, offering invaluable insights into the existing strengths and weaknesses of the veterinary sector.

The primary objective of the PVS Strategic Planning Workshop was to develop a comprehensive strategic plan outlining the goals, objectives, and initiatives of the Veterinary Services for the next five years (2024-2028). The plan aimed to:

  1. Strengthen surveillance and control of animal diseases, including zoonotic diseases, to protect public health.
  2. Enhance capacity-building measures to improve animal welfare, disease control, and overall service delivery.
  3. Foster collaboration and coordination among relevant ministries, including the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Emergency, Ministry of Finance, and Custom Services, to ensure a holistic approach to animal health management.
  4. Promote sustainable agricultural practices and trade through disease control and prevention, contributing to the national economy’s growth.
  5. Align the national Veterinary Services with international standards set forth by WOAH.

During the PVS Strategic Planning Workshop, participants engaged in dynamic discussions, brainstorming ideas, and sharing experiences to shape the future of Kyrgyzstan’s Veterinary Services. The event included the following key highlights:

  • Stakeholder Collaboration: The participation of representatives from various ministries showcased the country’s commitment to addressing animal health challenges comprehensively. Cross-sectoral collaboration is essential to mitigate the impact of diseases on both animals and humans.
  • Capacity Building and Training: Recognizing the significance of skilled professionals in the veterinary sector, the workshop discussed strategies to enhance capacity-building programs and training for veterinary personnel. A well-trained workforce is crucial for the successful implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Public Awareness and Engagement: Participants recognized the need for public awareness campaigns to educate citizens about the importance of animal health and its direct impact on human health and the national economy. Engaging the public in the process is vital for building support and cooperation.

The Strategic Planning Workshop held in Kyrgyzstan marks a significant milestone in the region’s journey towards improved animal health and welfare. By aligning strategies with international standards and fostering multi-sectoral collaboration, the event has laid the foundation for achieving meaningful progress in the years ahead. WOAH remains committed to supporting member countries in their efforts to enhance animal health, and it stands as a testament to the shared vision of building a healthier world for animals and humans alike.