Launch of a project to improve Kazakhstan's veterinary legislation


Representative of the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE) met with the Veterinary Service of Kazakhstan to announce the start of the second phase of WOAH Veterinary Legislation Support Programme (VLSP)

WOAH Sub-Regional Representation for Central Asia conducted a meeting with the Veterinary Service of Kazakhstan on December 29, 2022, to announce the launch of the second phase of WOAH Veterinary Legislation Support Programme (VLSP) in Kazakhstan in order to support the strengthening of the Member’s veterinary legislation in accordance with the international standards.

Kazakhstan requested to participate in the VLSP in February 2011 and completed a Veterinary Legislation Identification Mission, the first stage of the VLSP, in December 2011. The Veterinary Services of Kazakhstan formally requested an Agreement, the second stage of VLSP: Veterinary Legislation Agreement, in November 2019 and completed the Preparatory Phase of the Agreement in July 2021.

During the Preparatory Phase, Kazakhstan established several objectives to be achieved over the course of the Agreement term, including the reviewing of existing legislation and the development of draft amendments to certain acts, as well as the development of new legislation in support of the establishment of the Veterinary Statuary Body (VSB).

The aim of the meeting was to provide a general understanding of the technical assistance to be provided by WOAH, as well as coordinate their stances.

The meeting was led by WOAH Sub-regional Representative for Central Asia, Dr Mereke Taitubayev, with the participation of WOAH Delegate of Kazakhstan, Dr Samat Tyulegenov, Head of the Veterinary Legislation Division of the Committee of Veterinary Control and Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan (CoVCS) – Bibigul Bekenova, Director General of the Republican Veterinary Laboratory – Temirkhan Elshibayev, Head of the Food Safety Unit of the Republican Veterinary Laboratory of the CoVCS – Talgat Abulgazin, Expert of the International Unit of the Republican Veterinary Laboratory – Madina Abdugalimova, WOAH National Consultant on VLSP – Dinara Imanbayeva.

Dr Mereke Taitubayev has emphasized the importance of the project for Kazakhstan and the availability of international expertise to establish a national Veterinary Statuary Body in compliance with international recommendations.