Dr Belev - a legacy of leadership, influence and achievement


We are honoured to present the English edition of the biographical book about Dr Belev, a man who has been recognized as the ‘Patriarch of the veterinary medical profession.’

Dr. Belev’s life, each of which has left an indelible mark on the veterinary profession, inspiring future generations.

Dr Belev significantly influenced and greatly contributed to raising and promoting the prestige of the World Organisation for Animal Health among members and other international organisations. 

Dr Belev played a key role in the establishment of OIE regional representations in Europe and supported the expansion of the organisation’s activities, especially in the European-Asian region, such as the Balkans, supporting a fruitful and permanent dialogue between OIE members in Europe and around the world. He encouraged young OIE colleagues and shared useful experiences for her organisation, mandate and activities. Belev liked to say that OIE had become his home and family.” (Dr M. Eloit, May 2022).

Dr Belev - "Patriarch of the veterinary medical profession"

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