2nd OIE Rinderpest challenge 2020


Get ready from January 15th

to maintain our world free from Rinderpest

Rinderpest, that caused the deaths of millions of animals all over the world, is the only animal disease officially declared eradicated from the planet by the OIE and FAO in 2011. However, the world remains vulnerable to a reoccurrence of the disease, threatening animal health security globally.
We, veterinary students, veterinary practitioners and laboratory technicians, key players in animal health, must prepare to face it.

To raise awareness, the OIE has created the Rinderpest “Never Turn Back” communication campaign and, for the second time, invite you to play a role in the post eradication era. The serious game aims at ensuring that we know how to detect and react to this disease.

Read more about rinderpest:

Last year, the challenge was a huge success with 2,200 registered players from just under 90 countries across the globe. We hope that for this second challenge there will be even more.

Click  here to learn more about Rinderpest and the role of all the actors to maintain our world free from Rinderpest, as well as  to access the rinderpest campaign tools to download. You will also learn how to be an active player of the game. The page is available in English, French, Spanish, Russian.

The second OIE Rinderpest challenge will be launched on 15th January 2020.
It will be open for 4 weeks, until the 12th February.


The game can be downloaded and played here.


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