Third OIE Platform stakeholders consultation meeting


Third OIE Platform stakeholders consultation meeting

7th June 2017, OIE Sub-Regional Representation in Brussels, Belgium

The OIE Platform has already built well established coordinating and dialogue mechanism to ensure that all countries and stakeholders involved in animal welfare in Europe share a common vision and conduct activities consistently towards achieving this vision.
The important element of this mechanism are annual consultation meetings with OIE Platform stakeholders and partners.  Third OIE Platform stakeholders and partners consultation meeting was held on 7th June 2017 in OIE Sub-Regional Representation in Brussels, Belgium.

Main conclusions:

  • To maintain the organisation of the OIE Platform Stakeholder Consultation Meetings on an annual basis
  • To keep stakeholder presentations focused on new projects/activities/achievements relevant to the topic discussed (with the exception stakeholders invited for the first time to the meeting) and how these projects/activities/achievements can support the OIE Platform 2nd Action Plan
  • To ensure all-year round information sharing through various communication means
  • To share information on country experts in Europe, based on recent capacity building activities

OIE Platform on AW for Europe Secretariat

 Presentation of the Second Action Plan of the OIE Platform (N. Leboucq)

Stakeholder’ presentations

UECBV European Livestock & Meat Trading Union (C. Vinci)

FESASS Fédération Européenne pour la Santé Animale et la Sécurité Sanitaire (HP. Shons)

IFAW International Fund for Animal Welfare (L. Lelanchon)

Four Paws (P. Sultana)

World Horse Welfare (R. Owers)


RSPCA (A. Hammond)

FVE (N. De Briyne)