Fifth OIE Platform stakeholders consultation meeting


The fifth OIE Platform stakeholders consultation meeting was held on 4 June 2019 in the OIE Sub-Regional Representation in Brussels, Belgium.  This annual event participates in the coordinating and dialogue mechanism of the Platform to ensure that all countries and stakeholders involved in animal welfare in Europe share a common vision and conduct activities consistently towards achieving this vision.

The Platform Secretariat updated the participants on the recent and next activities of the Platform in Europe and the neighbouring regions, particularly as regards transportation, stray dog roadmaps, disaster management and working equids. This was followed by a short summary provided by the OIE headquarter representative of the latest developments at global level: new standards approved at the 87th General Session of the OIE, ongoing work on various other standards or possible revisions for the future, new consortium of collaborating centres on animal welfare in Europe, global forum.The participants were then provided the opportunity to present their animal welfare activities in Europe since June 2018 and plans for the future (please refer to the summaries below).

The last session was dedicated to the recent external evaluation of the OIE Platform and its main outcomes, followed by an outline of the preliminary draft of the 3rd Action Plan, which will cover 2020-2022.

OIE Platform on Animal Welfare for Europe – Update on recent and next activities