Self-Assessment and Monitoring System for Dog Population Management


Dog population management is a priority topic for the WOAH Platform on Animal Welfare for Europe.

The SAM4DPM (Self-assessment and monitoring for dog population management), developed under the WOAH Platform in collaboration with IZS-Teramo, aims at supporting the WOAH Members to understand their national situation better and to progressively monitor and self-assess the level of compliance with WOAH standards on dog population management.

This IT data management tool allows the WOAH Members to be self-sufficient in monitoring and assessing the progress of their own individual roadmaps. Fully aligned with the new TAHC Chapter  7.7 recommendations, it automatizes the self-assessment process, allows live-time and user-friendly analysis of the information, and helps countries to analyse their own data independently.

Each WOAH Member has its own Country Profile Administrator (CPA), accessible by credentials. Both national and regional/local data can be entered and updated in the SAM4DPM System, to generate upon need:

  • country reports made of schemes and graphics showing the actual level of compliance with Chapter 7.7
  • country roadmaps showing the pathway to be followed to reach the full implementation of Chap. 7.7.
  • benchmarking reports allowing to compare the national performances against “the (existing) best ones” and to adopt corrective measures that fit their overall approach to continuous DPM systems improvement at country level.

If you are interested to use the SAM4DPM tool, please contact the WOAH Sub-regional representation in Bruxelles by mail: [email protected]

In addition to helping users of the SAM4DPM, IZS-Teramo prepared two user guidelines documents