Regional dog population management roadmap for West Eurasia


Since 2014, dog population management and stray dog control have been identified as a priority topic for the WOAH Platform on Animal Welfare for Europe.

WOAH launched the stray dog roadmap in West Eurasia during the first roadmap meeting held in Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan in October 2015.  Eight countries agreed on the regional Vision to become fully compliant with WOAH Terrestrial Animal Health Code, Chapter 7.7. on stray dog population control by 2030.

 WOAH Platform has organized a series of capacity-building and technical support initiatives aiming at improving the management of the dog population, with a focus on the welfare of free-roaming dogs as well as their significant impact on public health and zoonotic disease transmission.

In addition, country representatives reiterated their willingness to periodically run the self-assessment rounds using the SAM Tool 1.0, a part of the commitment to fully implement the WOAH  standards on dog population management by 2030.