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Depository on African Swine Fever


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The e-depository provides ASF information on :


A) Main resources and publications on ASF (click here)


1) ASF situation: outbreak, distribution maps, animations
     (UPDATED on 11 June 2019)

2) ASF Technical Card and Summary (OIE)

3) OIE International Standard on ASF

4) ASF Diagnosis

5) ASF Contingency Plans

6) ASF Control Strategy

7) ASF simulation exercices (reported to the OIE)

8) ASF Recommendations (GF-TADs events; OIE events)

9) ASF Scientific and Technical Papers (EFSA; FAO; etc)

10) ASF projects / activities in Europe

11) ASF dedicated webpages
       (UPDATED on 3 June 2019)

12) OIE and FAO weekly reports on the situation of ASF worldwide

13) African swine fever in wild boar – ecology and biosecurity
(formerly known as the GF-TADs Handbook on African
Swine Fever in wild boar and biosecurity during hunting)

14) Outbreaks investigation and data collection
       (NEW, please contribute to enrich this section)

15) Reference Laboratories on ASF (and annual reports)
       (UPDATED on 19 July 2019)



B) Awareness campaign materials on ASF (click here)


  • OIE
           (UPDATED on 20 September 2019)


  • European Commission


  • FAO


  • European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Spain, Serbia, Sweden, United Kingdom)
           (UPDATED on 12 June 2019)