GF-TADs - Standing Group of Experts on African Swine Fever in Europe


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Presentation / objectives of the SGE ASF

The Standing Group of Experts on African swine fever in Europe (hereafter referred as ‘SGE ASF’) was set up in 2014, under the GF-TADs umbrella. It aims at building up a closer cooperation among countries affected by African swine fever (ASF) and thereby, addressing the disease in a more collaborative and harmonised manner across Europe.

The SGE ASF is a unique opportunity to engage affected countries into a fruitful regional dialogue and increased transparency. The GF-TADs offers the ideal framework to discuss common / harmonized mitigation measures based on scientific and technical grounds only. 

On top of the formal members of the SGE ASF (the countries in Europe affected by ASF), representatives from any other country in Europe and beyond are warmly welcomed to attend as observers.

Members of the SGE ASF (as of February 2022)

  • Countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine
  • Organisations: European Commission – OIE – FAO
  • Secretariat: OIE Sub-Regional Representation in Brussels ([email protected])


e-depository of the SGE ASF

The e-depository under the SGE ASF provides access to many resources on ASF, including ASF Awareness Material and the “GF-TADs Handbook on African Swine Fever in wild boar and biosecurity during hunting”

e-depository of the SGE-ASF


Reports of the GF-TADs experts’ missions on ASF in the countries

March 2015 – Lithuania
April 2015 – Belarus
May 2015 – Latvia
July 2015 – Russia
September 2015 – Ukraine
September 2015 – Estonia
October 2015 – Poland
October 2016 – Moldova
October 2017 – Czech Republic
December 2017 – Romania
January 2019 – Bulgaria
June 2019 – Belgium
December 2019 – Serbia
November 2022 – North Macedonia

July 2023 – Bosnia and Herzegovina

February 2024 – Montenegro


List of experts for SGE GF-TADs missions as determined following the SGE on ASF in Catania (10/2022)

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